21st February 2013 | afraidtoreveal's Blog

Got so much going on...but i dont know how am supposed to feel...things are rly messed up in this life aint it. some things cant be said out loud cos it can be dangerous n can lead to paths u arent supposed to tread...i am geting married in 5 months..thts august 11th. i am still talking to 'nitrogen' i shudnt be...cos its covering my judgements..n my feelings. but after so many bad years u finally trust somone n get close to them n then u r supposed to  just leave them??? seems harsh n rly hard on somone like me....
jason isnt tht bad...but its just tht nitrogen is thre so am not able to give my fullest to jason. but its not right since jasons the one am marrying. so hard to let go...but i shud. sigh..i hope it gets ok..

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